The love inside the words

It is not so easy to write about something that is made to feel, but we can try. I do not have the right formula to express or to nominate love, but I do realize that it is not a matter of what is said, but how it is said. Like some people say, we can ruin someone´s life with just a "good morning".

So let´s think about how we are saying things. I have to talk to a lot of people everyday, and it does not matter where, if it is in my work, in my home or elsewhere. And I have to confess myself that I and not always a too much kindly person. Sometimes whe forget that could be us out there.

The words have somethings inside, and we need to be prepared to make these things to be love. It is not that easy, but never impossible. So let´s try, going for some better, that have to start we our day by day. Like John Lennon said "You may say, I´m a dreammer, but I´m not the only one".


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