First of many

I decided to initiate a new fase in this blog. As a way of practicing my not well trained English, I will write some texts in this language, from now one. Maybe it could be good for anyone for training reading too, and so I would not only helping me, but anyone else either.

Because of the time that I stopped my learning in this idiom, I will maybe do something wrong, but I think that is the way we all learn: by making mistakes and trying not to do it again. So, as a thinker and also a student, I will accept corrections, and I will be also thankfull.

To practice is the way that all of us use to make better on something. Sports, intelectual, professional skills and a lot of things need to be done several times for us to achieve what could be accepted like been good in something. In the beginning it is difficult, and, for writing, for example, the words disappear. We need to think about several ways to express the same thing, and, sometimes, we stay out of the right word ou meaning.

Like walking, we fall and need to stand up, to be better in the future. Well, that is all for the moment, because I also do not have to much to say for now. I am happy to have this to show others that is not impossivel to restart and we always can came back to do things to used to be like breathing.


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